Dec 17, 2014

Mourning hearts on red floor.........

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Such dispiteous and brutal act has moved every human heart in the 
mourn state.............#‎PeshawarAttack‬

There is some intimate chaos

and sullen tears in many eyes

In such melancholy, 
Silence roared 

from every human mind...

who were they,

Why they did,

Were they heartless?

The whole World seems lifeless

and all mothers are crying..

my eyes were wet disconsolate..

to see the cruelty behind..

heart is mourning and 
emotions are almost dying....

The floor is still blood red
where innocence was killed

It was not one, not two

but the death of human pride...

Anger on every human heart..

to know the act of

insane head,

cruelty is living high,

and humanity is finally dead!


  1. Very inhuman tragedy till now. May their soul rest in peace.

    1. :( Yes
      May souls of little angles Rest in peace

  2. I am saddened by the fact that in-spite of getting support from India in this matter Pakistan still released the mastermind of Mumbai attack. I am sorry to note that state that support terrorism suffer like this. Every time I think of those innocent children I shudder in fear and think - RIP Humanity.

    1. I second your words Partha..And thn they say Terrorism has to vanish from the ground...Not only one nation the whole world is suffering by this fact...

  3. It's insane what's happening to see young lives brutally murdered in this world of hate. I still cannot come to terms with this cowardice act.


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