Jan 1, 2015

Be more awesome than last year............

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                                                        After the awesomeness
of the year has passed,
Its time to set new glories,
new life and new resolutions..
let leave old memories far aback,
and start with maiden moments..
Many dreams would have been
dwell inside the heart,
and some you might have
concede without praying....
Some might have left you behind
and many have embraced
you with all their kind...
Settle the anger with apologize,
Accept with happiness
all preterit good byes...
Respect all who have forgotten you,
Never neglect who cares for you..
Lets De-clutter the dupe beliefs,
Send-off all your inscrutable griefs...
Forgive those who made mistakes
You will surely be remembered 
for all your good deeds........

A very Happy New Year2015 to all of you and your family.


  1. Good one! :) A happy 2015 to you from my side :)

    1. Thanku Jatin :) Wish u and ur family the same

  2. Replies
    1. Welcome to my Blogospehere Antarik :)
      Wish you too a very happy new year !

  3. Let's start with wholesome goodness for yourself. Happy New Year :)

    1. Ya started with the bang on :) Hoping the same for u dear.. Wish u and ur family a happy new year

  4. Happy New Year to this goody bag of awesomeness and positive breeze:)

    1. Thanku so much Vishal ..u have been great motivator always whenever u read and share such lovely comments on my blogs...


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