Feb 1, 2015

A free Woman!!!

Daddy’s little girl and Mommy’s best friend, I, who have never imagined that she would write someday about her different personalities and a persona of a woman of freedom!!

After watching above video of &, I am really impressed to ask everyone now, yes please do not stop, tell me what else, add “AND”.  I am more than & and I want to be more than I have ever anticipated even in dreams. 

From a little shy girl to a woman of no more fear,
I am sure I am not afraid AND my dreams are clear….

When I was a kid, music was my passion. When I was 16, I gave up learning music after school and left home to study Engineering. Being in solitude of staying away from home had given me zeal to write daily stuffs in a diary. I really never knew then what this blogging was all about. I started loving scribbling on different themes and the hours I have spent in unoccupied places to write diaries.

With no stone unturned, I knew still truly living is to be learned,
AND somehow I got a passion to write for which I was more concerned…..

After spending four years of college, I was now well known to be an unemployed Engineer like many who did not get placed in due of recession. That was just the start of struggle and I probably was not strong enough yet tenacious to hold my dreams to be fulfilled.

I lived life in struggles yet I did not let my dreams die,
AND I was not happy inside but did not allow my eyes to cry….

After passing a year strongly, I started earning the bread & butter. This was the beginning of new life which gave me meaning to live in a disparate direction. It has been now 6 years of working and almost 10 years I am living away from family alone. My diary has proselyte in an online blog. In last 10 years of living life, what I have become is really abstruse to define in one day. I have earned the name as an Engineer and I have a circle of friends who renowned me as a passionate blogger. I probably gave up learning music in childhood, but the singer inside me was never dead. I have started learning Guitar and plays musical instruments sometimes. I am the proponent of an NGO who are dedicated to fight the violence against women and supports women empowerment.  My appetite is still not over to concatenate more ANDs and I wish that the word AND should never end until i breathe last.

A journey that I lived AND living so far, 
My life has given me meaning to live like a Star….
An Engineer AND a Blogger,
A singer AND a hidden dancer,
A poet and proclaimed photographer,
I have refused to be OR and chose to be AND,
I have stepped out to take my own stand….
From a girl of hopes to a woman of freedom,
There are more ANDs I want to become…..
For this rare gift of femininity,
I am born to live and see,
Like a daughter AND a sister,
A Wife AND a mother….
What I have is all mines,
AND I could be anything until 

my dream shines……

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  1. Wow! That's a great post and such lovely pics too..
    You are indeed awesome AND awesome :) Keep going!



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