Mar 15, 2015

Lights in the dark!!!

Lights in the dark!! (MyClick @London)
I am like those who,
have a thoughtful mind
and bright clap eyes,
Who can beheld like a hermit,
And can sense of envisage rise…
Close to the cold waves,
feels the warmth of breeze,
can sit here for longer,
till i can awake and breathe
If only the sun light dazzles,
will stand to be in the dark,
No matter how lovely day it is,
will magnify the darkest spark…
Peace of mind is what I find,
in gurgle, burble and sound of splash,
I wish if I could be a droplet,
silently I could have swim in the depth…
~Jasmeet Kukreja~



  1. It such a beautiful poem. Love it. Finding happiness and peace of mind in otherwise mundane things is better, as finding happiness in people is very difficult.

    1. Thanku so much Saru :) you r one of my inspiration

  2. Absolutely wonderful....calm in times of chaos!!!

    1. Calm in Chaos :) ya u got it right , thanks dear


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