Apr 1, 2015

An open letter to all women - Not all men are the same!!

Dear Women,
I know how you feel,
to read the news about men, 
as rapists!
I feel exactly the same,
even being a man,
I feel more ashamed...
just wanted to convey,
we also are human being,
Not all men are rapists,
Not all men are the same......
When you born as a girl,
men worship you as goddess,
and promulgate a girl as a fate,
It is really painful being a man
to be considered as statue of hate......
We also have emotions,
a piece of same heart pumps in,
I do not know how to express in words,
when for such few sot and jerks,
all men are treated as so mean....
If you expect more love and care,
the same, men are desirous for,
they can not abide tears in your eyes,
may panic when see you cry, for sure.....
We all respect feminism, after all
it is a woman who give us a birth,
no other word feels so strong as mother,
the woman of kindness on this earth.....
then why I sometimes hear,
women expects her man to make a choice
between her and a mother...
Please stop playing the victim,
and start wearing the truth,
men are real goofs who leave all choices
to his woman and sometimes,
may sacrifice his youth,
I have a real pain for all women who
are suffering and not empowered,
it does not mean you disrespect their name, 
Not all men should be blamed!!!


~♥ You and your words are precious for me ♥~


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