Apr 30, 2015

Every Woman is a leader!!!

Women Empowerment
My 100th Poem scribbled for my organization's leadership meet
AHM (All Hands Meet - Ericsson) - Reading with pride :)

Gone are the time, when you see her crying,
It is her time now to fly high her wings....
Here, my purpose is not to show any rage,
but an effort to bring all about change...

she know to serve her life as a daughter,
wife, mother and a friend...
Now, she can be a model, a writer, a leader,
and the survivor to the end...

my heart fills with pride,
to see her in different roles,
it is the flame of winning,
sets up a fire inside souls...

Have you ever thought,
a home without a woman? A team without a lady?
A life-giver, a home-maker, a mind-reader,
i call them - Women
and every woman is a leader....

She smiled in echoes of pain,
danced like peacock in rain...
few have penned down melodies in meadows,
concealed her tears in darkest shadows...

Being in sorrow, some sing emotive songs,
While few alike sparrows fighting against wrong..
It was long ago when her life was tough,
Now, one of every 100, woman is at the top...

In the midst of this success,
Few are still waiting for the sun rise,
needs to brighten up the beauty,
shining in their eyes...

To conquer the world with passion,
we all need to move a step ahead together
for women to be empowered
and to make her life better…
Every woman is a leader!

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