May 11, 2015

Mommy - Myfirstexpert friend!!!

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.  ~ Abraham Lincoln

I am sure everyone really gets mesmerized by Google-Doodle animated short movies.  On the Mother’s Day this year, Google-Doodle honors a range of mothers - Human moms and various animal ones – as they are greeted by their children, cubs, chicks and baby bunnies.  No matter who and where, Moms are the first to hold babies tight without any expectations and their expressed love is inexplicable.

I also have some distinctive bond with my Mommy. When i was a kid i used to call her “Mai” (only she told me now how happy she felt when I called her lovingly as Mai). As i grew up, I started calling her “Mummy” by copying my school friends who call their mothers as Mummy. In my adultery, when she was crying as a baby waving me off for higher studies, i wrapped my tears in a smile and shouted loudly  “Momsy”  just to make her relaxed because I knew she loved it when i call her by different names, she smiled at the same moment. And, calling her Momsy continued till I used to talk over the phone for years and it’s been 11 years i am out from home working independently after studies. She made me strong even being in sadness of living away from me, encouraged me over the calls yet concealed her tears in happiness, she keeps sending me foodie stuff knowing the fact she is unable to feed with her hands. It’s been ages still I dint stopped calling her by different names. Now, I say “Mommy” and whenever I call her "Maa", she interprets herself that i am upset or unwell.

She is my first ever friend with whom i have started sharing each and everything, called her by many names, teased her in joy, irritated her by splitting her long hair and what not.

These days I smiled by missing all the fun I had with mommy at home.


SwarnBhumi Airport - Thailand
I am a big travel and photography fan and all these i have received from my Mommy only. She feels shy in front of the camera but loved to be clicked and so do i. She loves traveling and it’s in my blood too. I remember my last visit in 2011 to Bangkok with my mommy and she wishes to be with me to travel the world. I am wishing to fulfill her dream soon.

 My Mommy is so much more today: strong, beautiful, loyal, hilarious, an awesome cook, wonderful wife, the person i most strive to emulate and most of all a wonderful mother, really an expert in everything.

I visit her off and on. It does not matter how far we are, her expert advises are always with me... like to made round chappati, perfect spices in food, maintain savings and budget, control on over expenses, to love and care for others and much more. 

Mommy – You made me an expert woman like you who loves me no matter what and for this i owe to you whole my life!!

An open letter to my Mommy..........

I did not know, momma,
How I have learned,
To make the round chapatti,
Really, No more a map,
But it shapes like earth..
Half-paved, half raw
which it is used to be..
Now it baked worthy...
Really, do not know
how i have learned...
to make vegetables
with perfect spices...
which used to be shrill, 
pale or sometimes tasteless.......
don't know when did i learn,
person who spent thousands 
on clothes and fun,
know now how to run a home,
even without any mud roam.....
don't know momma, 
how i have learned
to care people around me,
It upsets me to see them in pain, 
a girl of big ego and self,  now
know to simply suffers in silence.....
Most of the time i keep quiet,
who used to cry bitterly,
i have learned to sob alone,
this is how i have learned momma
from all the love and care
you have shown.....
Just like that,
just like that... learned!!!

This is written for Indiblogger contest GodrejExpert - MyFirstExpert  


  1. Very well-written....mothers deserve so much more love from us.....

  2. You put your heart out there, Kudos! Loved the tale of learning without trying to- that's how moms teach us without us even knowing!


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