May 10, 2015

Wings for life World run 2015!!!

Wings for Life Run 2015 – Run for those who can’t!
Event: Red Bull presents - Wings for life run 2015 – Run for those who can’t!
Dated – 3rd May, 2015
Venue – Tau Devi Stadium, Gurgaon INDIA
Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you're gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.” ~ Charles de Lint

Red bull presents – “Wings for life run 2015” in which 35 countries have participated with full of enthusiasm. Thousands of athletes set off simultaneously on May 3rd at 11am UTC in a global race. Their only goal is to stay ahead of the catcher car and to help fund research in finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

I am thankful of my organization who gave this opportunity along with 21 other employees who met and grouped together to make this event even more special. It was like whole world was running together, for the good cause. Captured the feeling of proud and moment of satisfaction that we were running not to win but for the good reason.
I was one of those proud runners who ran for this cause. It was fun filled too when you have to run ahead from the catcher car and crowd is turning their heads to shout , car is coming, car is coming, Run fast! 
No matter what, every individual was running with full of enthusiasm. I saw a man with artificial limb. That moment  was really speechless and touching. It is well said - "People with a strong "will" always get a way to win every situation. 
Ericsson - Champions :)
When catcher car caught me , I was only at 4.83 Kms and total I had completed 12.3 Kms. I met a French lady when I was at 9kms, spoken to each other, got to know she has been in India from last 8 years and married to an Indian guy. Isn't an amazing feeling when you greet and meet people from different countries in your nation? Indeed it was the same moment of pride for me. She shared her contact number, added me on social sites and very well pronounced my big name, impressive. She was with me on my way back till few metro stations, hugged me purely and said, sweetheart will meet you for sure someday in another life's race. We did hi-five with each other and i just said when she was getting out from one of the metro station-"Phir Milenge", She interstingly understood and replied - "haan jarur milenge". I was awe-stucked really and felt proud being an Indian that no matter what we embraces with full of happiness to any country's being, really. #happymoment
A satisfactory and great day and at the same time tired too because when you run after so many days, it feels like your clutched and jammed body has taken the fastest gear after ages.An amazing event to remember always!
To view videos and updates, Click here
 Facebook Official Page : RedBull and wingsforLife
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