Jul 16, 2015

MyTravelDiaries - My first walk in Joburg,South Africa

A moment to celebrate when kids of South Africa showered love on me !!
(Time in the above image is IST)

It was like normal day,  i was wandering in Nelson Mandela Square building which is located in one of the posh places, Sandton City in "Joburg" (Ya, this is what people call in short to Johannesburg) .

My first ever walk to visit any place since i landed in SA. I remember it was friday evening around 4:00 P.M, weather was pretty pleasant and i was just feeling little cold while walking down on roads. I have been hearing since i locked myself in my apartment (WestPoint - Suites) that Africa is not at all safe be it is east or south. Still, i tried to be little strong and firmed on that day to have a walk at nearby places. Since, I was living in one of the crowded and posh living place of Joburg, it was much safe to be anywhere out till 6 or 6:30 in the evening. 

While walking i saw a tallest building from around one and half kms of distance and i actually distracted someone's scary look by asking what building is that? Immediately he snored and whispered quietly in his heavy voice, Amm it is NMS mall (Nelson Mandela Square) and you can visit if you are looking to shop or some glossaries. He sensed that i am from different country and tried to talk more. So, before he could say anything i thanked him to rush from there in a blink of eyes.

I was very tired to walk more but i decided to visit that mall to spend my free time. It took me 10-15 minutes to reach NMS mall and without wasting any more time in clicking pictures i entered the mall. It was a happening place, i murmured and felt nice to see people around.

I had taken only few steps ahead when i saw one large group of kids were sitting on small couches at the center of one place. Many hash tags posters around them were tucked and the hash tag was regarding #AddHope. I asked one white beautiful girl seems to me like a volunteer about their visit. She explained me about the #AddHope campaign that AddHope is an initiative dedicated to feeling hungry children in South Africa. She asked me then if i can donate something for kids. I smiled at seeing those happy yet surprised faces and without any second thought gave her R100 only (100ZAR/Rands) cash that i had. One kid came to me and held my hands to ask me if i can sit with them and click pictures. How can someone deny when small hands hold you tight and see you with adorable smile. I sat with them to talk, chit-chat and clicked many pictures.

After hi-five with them, i roam inside few shops without interest because i was so tired to walk anymore. I then decided to go back my apartment as it was around half past 6 and was getting late to walk alone on Joburg roads.

I reached my place safely at around 7:00P.M and this is how my first walk ended beautifully by donating 100zar for those hungry kids in an #AddHope campaign (Co-sponsored by KFC).


  1. Nice reading the post Jasmeet :)
    (KFC sponsored your trip?)

    1. Hey Thanks Antarik. Nope, It was my official visit to SA and i took advantage to roam many places

  2. All cute kids in one place awesome


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