Oct 19, 2015

MyTravelDiaries: A Colorful Island: Murano, Venice

I once landed on some place where not only homes but also people were colorful. They were colorful like unique multicolored diamond, pure by heart and crystal clear. 

Every connected and neighbored home was of different color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and so. Local shops were residing their homes to attract tourists. "Murano",is best known for Glass industries and manufactures so people call it “Glass Island”. It is an island in the Venetian Lagoon where glass has been made for more than 700 years. I have been so amazed by looking different type of glass made animals tycoons, accessories (Bracelets, ear-rings, rings, pendants and many more), homemade stuff, light-lamps and you just name the stuff, the shop keepers will show you everything that made of real glass. 

Murano is still an exporter of traditional products like mirrors and glassware, and its factories produce modern items such as faucet handles, glass lampshades, and electric chandeliers.  

It was the first place where I went after landing to beautiful island, Venezia.  Although whole Italy is just beyond words but Venice was the second best place to visit in my travel list to mesmerize in my dreams that turned into reality. There is no doubt if I call the place “heaven on earth” where i was wondering like a crazy soul. 


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