Dec 13, 2015

Zooming Zipping Zica - Experience at Gear up for great – TataMotors Indimeet, Goa

Tring – Tring, I picked up the call and it was a surprise invitation for Goa – Indimeet #MadeOfGreat sponsored by Indiblogger, Widzcraft and TataMotors.

oh really! make sure this is sponsored, I reverted with a wink to Saurabh who made a call to make me both surprise and happy.
Truly, I could not respond better but later I was so excited to tell almost 15 people at the same time that yeeeeeeeeeeee i am going to Goa and I was in a team gathering at farm house of Haryana, District.
It was the moment of proud when all heard about road trip around Goa and it amused them to know that my name got shortlisted in the list of 60 bloggers across India. They clapped, danced and made me dance too. The fun had already started from the very first call I received from Indiblogger team on Nov18’2015.

From the day i received an invitation call, i was keep chasing the counter until it appeared as 00 00 00 00 time left to be in Goa. Oh yeah! by that time i was already in Goa.
Met many Delhi-bloggers in the Delhi-airport and then the bloggers journey began to remember from Delhi-Goa at the same flight.  The journey was cool. When we  reached Goa Airport, Naveen from Inditeam was there to escort us and was making sure we reach safely at Venue Alila Diwa Resorts, South Goa.
Day1 - Dec5,2015 (Saturday) – Reached South Goa, Alila-Diwa Resorts at around 12:30 P.M. where Indi team (Vineet and Anoop) welcomed everyone with gesture as always. TataMotors and Widzcraft team was also there to make everyone comfortable and then the registration process banged on.
As there was some delay to get room-keys, we all moved straight ahead to the lunch corner. I felt like to jump on food first and then respond or meet other bloggers. Really, the hunger was at its extreme. After the delicious lunch that creeped my hunger in peace i was all set to make fire whole day.
After we got our room –keys we all had a sort of time table for the remaining day-
1.     14:45 IST to gathered in reception again for the beach fun
2.    18:00 IST Tea halt and refreshments.
3.    19:00-20:00 IST Lock door activity
4.    Cocktail party (Dinner)

Here are the pictures, definitely gonna speak louder than my words……………
Day 1 - #Fantastico Moments  

"Indiblogger" Shining bright under the sun...



Some lost souls in deep thoughts

I am a Zica girl going to drive under water. #Fantastico Moment
After the beach  we landed back for the Zica locker fun activity with standup host and comedian #Cyrus Sahukar where he warmly welcomed Tata Motor Team to shocase the brief session and to present their slide pack presentation..........

Delna Avari , Designer Pratap Bose and Anand gave the glimpse of Zica designing , ConnectNext and DesignNext features in brief. This was one of the best engaging session i had ever attended in any AutoMobile blogging meets.

Delna Avari is the lady who brought Lionel Messi in India and asked him to say "Namaste INDIA" . She also added - "He stand for what we stand for, no better  than Lionel Messi."

Designer Pratap Bose showed the car clay model followed by CDRM model. he also described about the color maturation and appearance approval process and they approached various countries like England (Coventry) and Italy for testing the model.

He also explained about Exterior and Interior designing methods -
EXterior = EXpressive, EXtra-ordinary and EXciting - Confident Tata 3Dlogo, 3D rays,  next generations shaped like car and designer back body
INterior =  INviting, INtouch and INtelligent - Dual tone interior layered designed body hugging bolsters, roof liners, premium finish, Intelligent next  generation CONNECTNext model

The last but not the least activity of the day is actually not activity but hang-over with musical gala  evening. Many bloggers came up with their singing talent and gave goose-bumps to all by singing some awesome songs . Just like Zica, their songs made that evening blossomed. I thoroughly enjoyed the live music, ambiance, dark shades of light, colorful attires, direct chit-chats with different unknown bloggers and especially food it was awesome.

Designer Pratap  Bose (TataMotors-Team) sang With or Without you,Rap by Cyrus and BlogwatiG, Daddy cool, Smile Song of Boyzone by Rahul Prabhakar and Maitreni Mishra sang so gracefully All of me (Song of John Legend)....
~Bloggers are not what they only write, they are more like hidden hikers"  
~ Wonderful Versatile bloggers i get to know.

#MadeOfGreat #Fantastico Evening with 60 lucky bloggers

Day 2 - #Fantastico Moments

1.   Breakfast sharp at 8:00 A.M
2.  3 hours test drive around Goa (9:00-12:00)
3. Lunch (13:00 IST)
3.  Headback to airport

My next day (Sunday 06 Dec'15) started with a pool side morning walk where beautiful sun-rise freshened up my eyes. Then after delicious breakfast we  were all set for the pre-launch Tata Zica "Test-Drive". Sounds so exciting where all the teams made up with 3 bloggers (one lead among them who was supposed to tweet and respond all challenges). My team was P4 and other two bloggers with me were Alex and Richa (Richa was our amazing lady driver). 
     Here, is the glimpse:

#Fantastico Moment - Selfie Stickers of ZICA

My #Fantastico Moment while taking selfie with Cyrus before gearing up for greatness of Zica drive-
Fantastico Moment to capture Zica Zar and Cyrus in one Frame when Cyrus said - This car is now "yours"
It was so fantastic to experience the test drive that mesmerized us on narrow roads of Goa. Unknowingly, the GPS App did not supported well but we followed the ZICA sign boards that helped pretty much and being the driver partner we two ladies actually managed to reach the destination too fast (recalled fast n furious fun) by taking cuts, turn overs and speedy breaks. Woooo, Zica actually seemed to me a different car than Tata's other models and do not dare to compare with Tata Bolt or Indica. All features, designing and 3D colors gonna make you fall in love with this car - 

1. REVOTORQ 1.05L Engine (Diesel) and REVOTRON 1.2L Engine (Petrol)
2. 1047 cc // 1199 CC cubic capacity
3. 35 liters Fuel tank capacity
4. Multi Information Display (MID) 
5. ConnectNext Audio System - 8 total Speakers [Front (2 Speakers and 2 tweeters), Rear (2 speakers+2 Tweeters)]
6. Power windows with Delay functions
7. ePAS for stress free maneuvering
8. Advance Dual path suspension for a comfortable drive  and superior handling
9. 22 Intelligent designed spaces for superior comfort
10. Turn-By-Turn Navigation through APP
11. 242 L of Boot Space
12. Multi Drive Mode - (CIty and Eco)
13. electric Power Assist steering (4.9 m turning circle and 360 mm diameter)
14. It will be launching in first Quat of 2016 in 6 different shades. 3D orange indeed, gonna rock the market, can bet. 
15. VCTi (Variable Cam Timing) on intake for better
16. Refined and Reliable All-Aluminum engine
17.  I suggested the Pink color too, have a look below where one could design on their photoshop app - 

Zica's interior have been crafted with utmost precision for a premium feel and material used with high quality of craftsmanship. 
So, by hatching back and taking several breaks to enjoy on Goa roads, we winded with a cup of road-side tea and stored some amazing memories. Richa driven the car so well and dare to say anything about women drivers now, We (Women) rock and indeed ZICA you are truly a fantastic car!!!

ZICA- A car that can make you feel amazing

ZICA - A Car that can make you comfortable with all smiles
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  1. that was a damn cool post! And that selfie with Cyrus...Lucky girl! (Only if he had actually let you take the car home!!!) Anyways loved connecting with you in Goa, hope we meet again. Stay in touch :)

  2. You were the best company and we had lots of fun. Totally loved your post too and loved the images you clicked.

    1. Hey Thanku so much Ankit, i too enjoyed with you guys. It was totally awesome short trip ever i had :)


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