Jun 24, 2016



Its been long i reviewed anything and i hope to be back from this weekend hot pick which was badly required for my long fizzy hair. 

All thanks to Sunaina who actually found my blog worthy to review this product and she sent this all the way to U.S. by ordering online.  

Whoo My first ever product received to review at my new home. 

Product: Chromatic Professional E3 Hair Dryer
Product Specifications: Nano -Tourmaline - Ionic - Ceramic Technology
Price: Price actually varies from country to country and on different e-commerce websites. 
Available In
Metallic Red, Metallic White, Metallic Charcoal & Non-Slip Finish
Buy this product online 

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Amazon.com for US prices

              Brings out your natural shine, leaving your hair feeling like never before healthy and frizz   

Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Technology
Utilizes tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic technology. Allows for the maximum transfer of negative ions and infrared heat drying hair up to 50% faster with half the heat. Protects the hairs delicate surface structure while sealing in the hair's natural oil and moisture.
Ion field technology – Seals the cuticle layer of the hair locking
in natural oils creating a smooth, frizz free, shiny hair surface.

Infra red heat
 – Gently heats the hair internally, protecting the
delicate surface structure of the hair while sealing in the hair’s
natural oil and moisture.

Heat Settings: Makes it easy to find the "ideal" setting for providing the proper amount of heat for all hair styles
Power: A true professional unit with two professional attachments.
Motor: Long lasting, ultra powerful, and smooth.
Cool Shot: Has a "Cool Shot" button to lock your style in place.
Cord and Handle: Has a heavy duty cord and a contoured ergonomic handle for a more comfortable grip.

Professional Features:
  • 2100 Watts
  • Cool Shoot
  • Professional Salon Unit
  • Long Lasting Motor
  • 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings
  • Easy open screen vent
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Styling Attachments
  • Heavy Duty Cord - With Hang Up Hook

Two connectors and One holder to hold hair dryer

Complete Package to use

1. Available in Red, white, Metallic Charcoal that looks amazing in quality while you hold on hands to blow dry your hair. I have the white one as shown in above pictures.
2. Extra long heavy duty cord - with hang up hooks that gives easyness if you want to sit somewhere or the plug connector is at little distance. 
3. It has both cool and heating connectors separately.
4. It does not actually fry your hair only if you use with strong salon hair brush. 
5. You can use daily without an iota of doubt because its not gonna shock you up like other electrical appliances.
6. It will definitely work on all hair types especially like mine Frizzy and Ethnic hair types. My husband did try this and i guess this is great for Men hair type too. 
7. The best part is, it is not too bulky like other professional hair dryers available in market.
8. It has two easy power on and off push buttons. Also, you can try the soft button provided on top of the dryer body. 
9. Lets come on the cost part. I would not say it is cheapest but cost-effective. You would not disappoint after spending money on it. It is worthy every penny you spend. 
Cons: Really unable to find many. 
1.  It is not actually the con but a suggestion to provide more connectors to make your hair twisty and curly. 
2.  The holder which is not that strong to hold the entire hair dryer weight. It can be little more big. 

Chief-Point :  Obviously, A Recommended Product!

Stay tuned for Before and After pictures of my frizzy hair to be straighten by this
chromatic hair dryer!!!

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