Jul 27, 2016

A road trip to Vegas…..

Where I want to go
Dream Destination - Las Vegas! (I am chuckling)

Certainly, my second dream destination. I am running around the clock daily, marking bold on my diary calendar for the day i want to be there, gives different reasons to my hubby to have a road trip to Nevada (state where Vegas is) or California because it is few miles drive from San-Francisco but I guess even not a single lice is creeping on his head.  You know summer is the best season to drive crazily on roads when you are in U.S.A.
It’s been two months I am here n WA. We have completed a quarter of newly marriage and honeymoon glitters are still on my dreams. I know how rude it would be if i say this to him daily but it is a good idea if i pen down all my dream fantasies as a blog. Once he reads that I am sure we can have at least a smaller trip outside WA (just hoping) though we keep going every weekend within the area of 50 to 60 miles by drive still I know his brain is not free from Java programming or say from official meetings to clear off bugs and what I want him to be free from laptop and offs from the office.

Plan of trip to be executed

To decide whether by a flight or a car

If I would be in india i have to travel by an International flight  / International Flights  but I am currently living in Seattle area of WA. The driving distance from Seattle, WA to Las Vegas, Nevada is 1124 miles (1809Kms) and driving time is around 17 hours. Now if I see the options in flight it is 852 miles (1402 kms) and just 2 hours of flight time. Let’s calculate the cost now. The cost while driving round trip would be $230 while flight would cost around $160-200 round trip to each which means it is just double the cost but time saving yet road fun is in my preferences. Trust me, saving dollars than time really matters and its not about only money but the road trip too. 
Also, in such flight amount even we can think of driving to California from WA and then Las Vegas from nearby state.

Chips of Driving
Bag-pack reminds me the trips I used to have alone, ahh old memories of pleasant solo traveling. Anyways, renting a car is better than having own car (if it is not new) because they provide new cars here for the rent. Chance of losing control, break fails and so & so negatives would be lesser like 2-3% if you rent a new car. Keep in mind to have Food & drinks, important stuff/loggings while on a road trip and cash (which is not casual in US to keep in pocket). Starting late night is even better than the early morning so that we can save next half day. Butter like clean roads, traffic rules and night lights are the most amazing thing to experience in US if you love driving.
Route to choose
WA, where i live is full of greenery and scenic views. So, I would love to choose the route that will not be short in scenic panoramas, greenery and full of photographic views. So, i googled a map to choose a route between Seattle to Vegas and it is actually giving many routes, each going through a different part of the western United States. Usually Google maps refers the fastest route and traffic free else there are routes available that passes through a number of scenic areas, mountain towns, Coastal route and National Parks to experience the lake views while on road trip. My best route would be the same that offers endless photographic chinks, views, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, a wild walk, loner free, views of sun rise & dawn, and fun filled with partner before i reach to the final leg of the drive in Las Vegas.  

Places to see before I reach Las Vegas
I have photographic madness like any other travel evangelist. And i suppose Photographs are mightier than words i write. There are many places on mountain towns or coastal route to experience before i head on the last hour drive to Vegas. If I select the route through the Crater Lake, might want to consider the under visited Lassen Volcanic Park. Also we can stop in Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake, and the eastern part of Yosemite National Park. (It probably take another extra day or two to make a stop on). All these visitor spots are passing by the state California so there are bunch of places i would love to go before i reach the desired destination. The Golden Gate is another one of the charm of San-Francisco in California.

PC : Link , Photographer Tiffany Nguyen

Final hour
After all the mountains and lake views it’s time to spot on gambling. Las Vegas, famous for its multi big 24 hour’s casinos, gambling and endless entertaining spots. A deserted area located in Nevada State. The strip, High Roller, Stratosphere Tower, Casino at Bellagio and Venetian, Vegas downtown, iconic dancing fountains and Paris Las Vegas are the places where I want to roll in my perfect vacation with hubby. I would love to stay in a hotel that resides a 24x7 Casino to get a shorter route to my bed. I am not foodie just love trying different food, like Mexican food is always in my top list. I researched and found some good Mexican restaurants La Comida, Chayo Maxican Kitchen, Hecho in Vegas, Tacos and Taquila, and Boarder Grill. They serve free bowl of Nachos once you settled down to order. Nachos with vodka is a good combo, trust me. 


Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel where i want to stay, musical fountains, pool, casino all at one place

Paris Las Vegas

Mexican food

Call back home
4 nights 5 days, a perfect vacation with hubby when call off to an end, feels like if i could stay on vacation forever, eat, drink and sleep without worries and stress. But home is home so after all the fun which i am still fantasying in my dreams, definitely calls me back home until i dream of another destination. 

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