Jul 27, 2016

I am back...

Last morning I was just scrolling down all my e-mails aimlessly and suddenly I found myself rummaging through mails that were popping up as new and unread though almost 3000 mails were unread in my Gmail box. Most of them are unnecessarily advertisement mails, matrimony shitty stuffs, full of junks that needs to be archived or trashed and series of job offers. Surprisingly I opened up mail subjected new blogger wallpapers and blog post to bookmark from Indiblogger team.

I opened that link given and came up to those inspirational and thoughtful words that pulled my mind on hold for few minutes, i went in to my deep memory and said – Why am I so detached from my own blog? This is something i love the most and these days I have so much to write and most importantly I have a whale of a time. Without wasting any other single minute I downloaded that image, headed on to my blog and started typing that turned back the hands of time. I guess key on blogging lies in not biting off more than you can chew and its better late than never. Hopefully, am back in my blog with more to spare and pen down.
Keep writing, blogging and sharing,  this is what i love the most.
Have a good day!!

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