Jul 29, 2016

Smoke and Ashes – A Happy or A Perfect Life?

~Let your life be imperfect if you have made your own choices to be happy and gratified~ GirlWhoWrites


For ages this world has fooled people by telling them the existence of a perfect life while “Perfect” never actually exists except in a dictionary. There are those who ramble around things they are not born for and then there are other people who never wonders about their gifted persona and qualities. I have been wondering and thinking so hard that why do people chase for perfections? Why do they look others and pursue their dreams might have not been made for?

Sometimes I get confused with two words ending with an “S” Like “Happiness” or “Perfections”. If you are perfect in one thing, you probably find happiness to convert your underrated, or an undertow fineness into a perfect one but again will these two stand together? Happiness and Perfections? Or say do you want happiness in life or perfections? The matter of the fact is these two are alike parallel lines. Either look for a happy life or a perfect one.

From youth to adolescence and from maturity to senility, humans keep trying to make their life happy but in reality they were having secret desires to make their life perfect. A perfect home and family with perfect kids, perfect career, perfect surroundings or ambience, perfect living style, perfect furniture, a perfect car and in hue of desiring everything “perfect” sometimes they give less attention to their “burning-dreams” perhaps those are not the perfects.  Too much of “perfects”.

We have one life to live as human (logically) and we should not let it be in regrets to waste the precious time thinking, why i have missed out? 

I wish to have one life

happy and cheerful,

If sometimes in trouble

but not so regretful,

All go through

various stages in life,

From youth to adolescence

and a lot more besides,

All i want happiness to spread

as i am touching the maturity,
It will heal the aching wounds
while in the onset of senility….

Remember, a perfect and a happy life is never going to walk together. There are things which are never going to the way you want and if you accept this without expectations, lead the life the way it is and follow what you have in you inside, honestly, you deserve a happy life and presumably it may not be the perfect one.

The moment you concede I want a happy life with implicit faith, you will stop desiring the perfect one and will end up saying i want to cherish each moment to last forever.

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