Aug 7, 2016

Place of harmony

It was cold rainy day
I did not know the way,
I walked all along the breeze
where silence was piercing
the genteel trees,
They were blowing with
the wind and began to peal,
It was neither thunder nor the storm
yet my eyelids were seeled…
In that moment of surmise,
when I opened up my eyes,
Only the clear blue sky.
and no dust of squall,
In the season of summer
could see the colors of fall…
It seemed some magic had
spell the place ahead of time,
And only one was I, to make
that place whole of mine…
Amidst of all my
agony and impish glee,
I feel all again alive,
nerves could feel the joys,
There was no fraction of noise,
the place of harmony
Where peace resides...

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