Aug 8, 2016

Signing in the rain with a cup of tea

For all tea lovers…

Where I live, rain is unpredictable. Any moment you may get surprise by vouching raindrops in your balcony and if it is happening right now I would just say, Let it happen all day, let it be cloudier enough, so I can ask before I finish...

One more – little cup of tea!!!

They say it rains here anytime and I say-
Who does want to stop it by the way?
Just let it happen all night, all day,
And I can sip on once again,
Once again a little piece of me,
asks for
One more – Cup of tea…
Sitting beside the window,
I hear the smash of running clouds,
Shivers from the sound,
To be the warmth of thee
I ask for        
One more – Cup of tea
When darkness takes over the light,
Hidden sun bleaks like a sunrise,
There is then it drizzles,
Lure to get some delight…
And to remind all midday spree,
I ask for        
One more – Cup of tea
When I smelled the petrichor of rain
It made me realize that
simple pleasures in life
are priceless and can never be prized
So let me dream away and flee
before I finish
One more – Cup of tea

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~♥ You and your words are precious for me ♥~


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