Aug 1, 2016

Two old chunkies - A fine talk with a clock


Once upon a time there was an old man, alone, who loved being in his own space. One fine day while sitting in the garden, not very crowded one yet some kids were playing near him, he was silently observing his tiny old clock-chain.  It was scenic view all around to bind anyone for more than few hours. Suddenly, he started talking to that one thing he never goes out without. He always carries that clock in his hands, does not matter if it is raining even.

It was drizzling and pleasant that day. And then the deep conversation started-

Hey Clock, do you know any other sound except that tick-tack? He asked expecting the clock is going to revert.

No, I do not. Clock replied!

He got shocked. You can talk? How? I mean how? No no no no…Really?
He simply got amazed to talk like anything with that only one thing which was left with him, besides, his memories.
He got emotional in that one moment as if he wanted his soul to come out and just expel a lot more than he ever did.
You know what, clock, time changes everything. Family, Friends, People, they just get changed with time. You know how much I miss the old times I used to have with my family, my grandkids and my dollar (German shepherd).  Now there is only you I can stare at and hold in my hands to see what else you are going to change. Now, may be, I can….
Hey hey…I never really change and I cannot even change anyone yeah except that all new batteries you put on my back when you want me to keep doing that tick-tack.
Clock interrupted him in between and continued
I just cannot change, you see. I would always have those same three hands (Hour, Minute, Second) unlike human, 12 digits (if it is not digital) like brutish 12 legs, on which my hands keep trying to touch and do the same exercise daily, that’s why I never put on weight. Have you seen how technology has grown up? Whoo, they have risen up as digital era and created so many advanced watches and clocks but a day still has 24 hours, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. This is what technology, humans or even I, a clock, cannot change. So, how can i change anything or anybody? I hate this when humans say this and blame everything on the time when somethings have gone wrong in their life even then time is doing nothing if they are having happy hours with full glass of beer.
The clock kept making strange cumbrous sound to shrug off his shoulder and kept running.
The old man fended the clock with an ugly look and said by folding his thin strawberry lips.
Hey, wait wait wait….hold your horses! What do you mean? What are you talking about that time never does anything? It is all about the time dear. I do not know how have you got that big mouth more than of your own size? If you go out and ask anybody, everybody knows and will say the same – “Good Times-Bad Times”, “Time can change anything”, “It is just a bad day or bad time going on”, “You do not kill the time, Time kills you” and so many time things. Time has really big hands apart from just those measurement sticks which appear on the clock.
How I can change your family or take away your friends or a dog?
Explain! Clock asked.
It was you only, it was my hard time when I had lost all my shares and money in the  business and my family thought i am an insane and threw me out like I had no balls left. It was a bad time, worst year of my life and i was clueless how to deal with that time. Anyway I moved on and settling that loss again under one’s breathe. I will do that expeditiously. If it would not be that time, I would have been talking to my family, not with you.
Loud sound he heard in between. The clock might roared with laughter and said in shaky voice- Me? I did it or you yourself?  I do not understand why a human never blames himself? He never accepts that he is the one who takes incharge of his own life not the “Time”.  Perhaps, it is easy to affront the one who cannot make a remark in return. I liked it when you said, you moved on and bearing those loses. It means you are strong enough and you believe in yourself. If you would not have made that decision to accept that over budgeted project with your client, you might have saved your company from crises. You dealt with it, does not matter who were with you and who were watching your lonely ass. This is it. Time did not heal it, you yourself and I am sure your family will be back because humans are like that. They are over you, when you have strong buttocks else always be ready to handle the age effect too.  
He sighed heavily and watched that clock like he never did before. He held that in his hands again and kissed it. You are my true partner. I was showing my back against you because i was scared to accept that it was my fault and you are right. No one walks with your life but your shadow does and you cannot hide it if it not too dark.
Hey, do not be emotional man, okay tell me, when did you get me? I look so bleak and barren. Clock asked him with funny notes.
Wow! You put a question first time rather than elucidation. Let me recall, I guess when i was around 40 years old I got you from Big-Ban Street, London. He tilted his lips to the right considering he said it right!
Ahh Man! It’s been 20 years of togetherness. You rocked old man you know and you are making yourself upset? Not a good idea either.
Queer Clock!

He smiled and nodded his head. Of course with a full glass of beer yeah!
If you allow, can I add few more statements? In a shy mood, the clock asked.
Why not! You can until I remove your batteries. He said while chuckling.
Have you ever given a thought that it’s been 20 years I am with you and I am running like before, with new batteries, surely! It is not me who is changing. I am just adding years and moving ahead. It is you again with wrinkles on face, blemishes under eyes and grey hair perhaps. You are changing in your looks too not only by your character. Your age is also adding one after one since I am adding years on years. But you know humans will again blame their age limits to the time running, besides the fact that it is their living manners driving not the time. That’s why I am telling you mate, be stress free and blame, less to me, I mean to the “time” if you want to live a decade.
Do not tell me further now it’s all fate because I will say it is all fake!
They both started laughing, loudly!
Hey wake up old chunky man, it is closing time. Go home and sleep there.
Security Guard screamed to an old man who was slumbering by holding his tiny old chunky clock tightly.
Oh yeah, yeah “Closing Time”. Old man picked up his tiny clock-chain and headed straight towards his home, this time happily ever after with no grudges against the time or himself.
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