Sep 18, 2016

Human Race

Sometimes my heart muddles up to stand away from rush, distant from the 
crowded places and live few moments in isolation. 
Probably because when I look at metropolitan corners which are always rushed, 
crowded and more full of puzzled people I take that honor to be in solitary. 
I guess that's why they call it human race...

But sometimes 
it slows down just enough
for all the pieces to fall into place...
Destiny is also magical..The more you try to escape, 

the more it will force you to be absconded...
But still you feel connected...
And every once & awhile, amid all the randomness,
Something unexpected happens,
It pushes us all forward,
Shove us to move on, come out from so called loneliness and back again in the same, 

just same human race...
Same rush, same crowd, but may be with different faces!!!

@Manito Garden, SPOKANE U.S.A 
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