Feb 27, 2017

Booster for Life

When the new year is already arrived, I counted on how great my last year was. 

And, all set to make new resolutions as adding some more drops of water in the sea. 
How the year 2017 would be...
This thought now does not take me into the depth because I am no longer waiting for any resolutions to make or not waiting for special occasion to accomplish my wishlist, I burnt the best candles on ordinary days of the year, gone.....
And I am no longer waiting to do something enormous, 
Being awake to carry my grain of sand is just enough....
Just like water flows in this giant sea and does not bother about unknown and sudden tides, I live my life in the flow without bustling and hustling much. 
Live to be like a sea not just to fulfill drops of resolutions every year. 
Cheers !!!
~Booster for Life~
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