Feb 27, 2017

The stairs

Pic taken @ Kerry Park, Seattle ©Jasmeet
~The stairs~
It happens when your heart wants to stop by 
sturdy path of life that you may call just like stairs,
You wish to sit for hours and hours, shed some unseen tears,
Talk like only your inner sense can hear, and
realize it is not actually difficult to move up on stairs,
Sometimes looking behind can stagger your gait with fear…
It is just when steps get too high to climb,
You feel somber and fend off your steps to walk any miles,
It is the time to respite but do not stop, do not trip,
Push yourself forward and tighten the grip,
Many a times you will feel of wearing out and unable to keep on,
Keep in mind this is not for what you are born... 
Look back all those steps you have climbed so far,
Give yourself a self-boost to lift up little more,
Little more until you reach up the last stair of life time,
And it will make you reminisce how you stand up
when those stairs were too hard to climb!!!
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