Mar 6, 2017

Birds #Micropoetry

(c)Jasmeet - Pic taken at Long Beach , Illwaco, Washington USA

ओ मदमस्त पंछियो!
ले चलो मुझे भी अपने पंखो में उठाके,
मेरे सपनो का आशियाना शायद आसमाँ में है कही!!! 

Oh frisky birdies,
Take me too, up high on your wings,
Perhaps my dreamland is located somewhere in blue skies!!!

~Jasmeet~ 💕 

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  1. Kya baat kahi hai aapne...waah!

    Maybe this is not a direct response to what you're saying in your poem - hum-mein se kuch badnaseeb aise bhi hain jinhe parinday aasmaan tak le toh jaate hain, lekin wahaan se achanak ek lamhe mein neeche gira dete hain...dard zyada hota hai.

    Updated my blog. Do drop by.

    Blogrolling you.



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