Mar 24, 2017

I remember your beautiful smile...

(c) Jasmeet Kukreja


We all have some sort of smile. Some people smile with silence, some show the universe in their mouth and some are like born smiley.

 Hundreds of smiles can speak thousands of words and can show multiple emotions. 

Some smiles are so contagious. When you see them smiling, it automatically reflects on your own face too. 

Some smiles are like glorious sunshine. When they smile it seems the glow of sun has painted on their face, so bright, so shiny and so attractive. 

And even if some do not smile, there is a hidden smile shines in their faces and their eyes become the charm of a smile.

You never know who is smiling at the other corner of the world just to reminisce your smile, just to think about your beautifumile. 

And, if it is happening..don't break the chain, don't freak out with any sort of pain, because it still tells you to cherish the ones who don't hurt you and they do smile even when you are not around!

-Jasmeet 💕

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