Mar 24, 2017

Silent Nights

(c) Jasmeet Kukreja

Her thoughts were not letting her asleep. They were giving silent whispers like bees humming in the mind than ears. Doesn't matter what time is it, what day or what place...

Most nights, She does not really feel asleep even when the lights are off. Even when the temperature is down , even when the blanket is on...

Her eyes keep blinking with those off lids. Her heart pumps with plenty of thoughts even though She knows it will keep pumping the same way like anybody feels. 
And when she was busy doing the same one night, with bundle of thoughts under the blanket...

He woke up!

He heard her silent whispers, felt as she was heavily breathing and suddenly, he asked-

What really are you doing at midnight!

Come on baby, it's not the time (with a smirk smile)....

As if he understood...her silent unsaid thoughts...gave her a tight hug ...

And She could feel it after so many solo nights and surrendered herself in his cozy arms and lovable vibes!
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  1. A lovely short story, Jasmeet. I am glad to be here after ages reading a shortie that touches the heart.

  2. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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