Apr 23, 2017

Are you living or only existing?

 ©Jasmeet Kukreja

~Live or Exist~ 

"LIFE - Live it with full exuberance"

She is one crazy soul or you may call her "bindaas"(carefree). 
She knows how to spill her pain with ease. She is one blowing leaf in the wind.

We all know that tough time never remains, keeps coming and going.
What is left behind is how one handles and accepts when it comes with the full flow.

Every time she knew something terrible might happen, she was all ready to follow her heart. Because she believes in taking chances and risking it all. Her carefree heart causes a flame that ignites so many other beautiful minds and hearts.

She knows her real worth and what difference can she make with her existence. Yeah, she is one crazy soul who inspires many. Because she is the one who lives her life and not only exists in life.

If you have read this whole, you might relate yourself with her. Even the person like her lives inside all of us. Sometimes you just gotta give that hidden person a little nudge to wake you up. 
Remember, You can be the reason of many others to live. What I have learned in my life is to let all those go, who want distance and who cannot bear your existence. Be grateful for what you have and who all you have in your life. And you will end up having more. 

I read this somewhere that if you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never have enough.
So now decide, 
Do you actually live or only breathe to exist in life? I leave this open for you all.

-Jasmeet 💕

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