Apr 18, 2017

Yes Mrs. Smith, I am more Indian than you think.

“…The designation of wife in India, of the Hindu wife, is higher and grander than that of Empress. She is called Devi” 
― Virchand Gandhi

You love Indian clothes, yeah. Why don't you try some shorts or modern dresses? It will look great and sexy on you. You are fit and smart, Jasz.
-Said Mrs. Smith (A neighbor of Jasmeet)

Well, Yes. Perhaps you are right. I think, I am purely an Indian by heart and soul. (Jameet chuckles)

I value from where I belong and love Indian attire to wear.

But, Why suddenly? What happened? Why did you raise this question, Mrs. Smith?

It's been years, Jasz.

Every time I see you, this question comes to my mind that this lady has still not changed. Not this, even I have a lot of questions to ask about you and your religion. You know how much I admire you and your family.

Years have passed. Your kids have grown up. They speak english accent and I wanna ask why do they touch your feet every morning? I mean they are supposed to be modern and quite a freaky ones. You know what I mean?

Jasmeet smiled and replied -

I understand and really happy you are among those who admire us instead of saying over traditional.

In India, touching elders feet means a lot. For me personally, it means touching God's feet and getting his blessings for life. This signifies respect for your elders and parents. We never knew our kids will understand this even being growing up here. They make us feel proud now.

This shows me your emotions are still attached to your homeland, Jasz.

When I come to your home, I feel different. This religious incense gives me peace within. What kind of fragrance is this? - Mrs. Smith curiously asked.

This is one great question. Replied Jasmeet.

It is called "Chandan" in Hindi. Sandalwoods, if I translate it. Many religions believe that sandalwood creates a link between heaven and earth, and this powdered sandalwood is used in many spiritual tradition as incense in temples to remind one of the fragrant heavens.

Amazing! I have been to one Indian Temple to meditate where I felt heavenly relaxed.
(Mrs. Smith replied in warmth.)

And what about this red color thing you put everyday in your hair. This seems to be a little different. Even long back I thought, you were really bleeding but could not ask anything. Days later, I observed this red mark daily on your head. Realized, it must be some Indian tradition.

Yeah, you are absolutely right.

This is tradition for a Hindu married woman. Red mark in the parting line of the women's hair is known as "Sindoor" in Hindi which signifies that a woman is married in Hinduism. The wiping off means she is either divorced or a widow. Some women do use a red little mark in forehead which is "Bindi" in  hindi and wear a black pearl necklace to symbolize as married women. I wear my black pearl necklace when I usually go out.

But truly I mean this is not necessarily required in this modern generation. It is all what you want to value in real and within your soul. I still follow my culture because I think when one lives in different country, it becomes significant to show who we are than to become altogether a different personality.

Mrs. Smith I guess I am # MoreIndianThanYouThink 
(And Both started laughing)

You are an absolute epitome of Indian Beauty , my dear Jasz. (Mrs. Smith happily said)

I admire your culture and your religion. I find peace within when I meditate in "Hindu Temple". Your family is a true example to cultivate Indian culture in America.

And you know what? I do remember my travel journey to India when I specially chose the "Lufthansa India" Flight. Their hospitality, greetings, Indian meals and drinks specially 'Tea' were commendable. I truly enjoyed my journey. Even though I don't understand the language, I still watched two Indian films at Entertainment section.

Jasz, you won my heart. And you have to teach me your language now , "Hindi".

Sure, What about starting now? What say?

"Namaste, Is it right? I have learned this from one Lufthansa crew member.

hahaha. You are already doing good, Mrs. Smith!

(Both folded their hand to greet each other in Hindi)

-- Above is a true story (with little fictional words) based on my experience being living in Washington State, USA. I am still continuing to follow Indian culture. American women love my dusky color and Indian attire in all sense. This is not less than a success by contributing and spreading Indian ideologies by being in foreign country for years. 
-Jasmeet (Jasz)

This is me, Jasmeet with Mrs. Terryl Smith 
Proud Indian Couple in America :)

I love Indian wears, I eat Indian food, I follow my culture and Yes of course I think like Indians even being in United States of America. 
Thank you Lufthansa India for this wonderful Video. 

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