May 3, 2017



He knew he was dying and started living life in the place where there was no light yet he did not bury his hopes in the shadow of darkness.

It was unfathomable to him that he decided to die in the dark even before the death arrives and closes the door of his life forever. 

For him darkness was his only hope to live final days. 

When she asked why does he stay in the dark? 

He replied-

"Yeah I am closer to death. 
I have been living all my life seeing the light through it,
And always feared from the dark colored death...
I was sleeping all nights thinking it is just the dark,
I never knew this is going to be my only final path...
I did not see the glory of the moon and 
the beauty of its stillness,
Now I wanna see beyond the light and feel the pretty darkness,
Each day I find myself now closer to life than death,
I will soon be shining as a star after I am out of breath....
Darkness is my only abode where this dark sky looks much prettier than before, 
And where I have chosen my own death without blinking with a fear anymore......."

She was nothing but his own soul who had no fear either for life or death. She was not only inside him but resides in each one of us. 

Never let her know that you are dying because she would then only say-
We all consider life as a light and the other side of it is only darkness of death. Isn't?

Do you fear from death ??

-Jasmeet 💕

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