Jul 27, 2017

An inspirational note from my diary

An inspirational note from my diary- 

~Life will give you trail of tragic moments, find reasons to rejoice~ 

All those moments I have spent in darkness and felt very down in mouth, are not worth counted now. What I try to muse over, is to be happy, reminisce good times and spread only joyousness everywhere. 

This is a hard truth that nothing comes easy in life. It is filled with ups and downs. You might gotta see a lot of tragic moments, but, does that mean life is finished? Ahhh no, of course not!

No matter how huge is the problem, it always comes with an end. It has to have the end. I know it is easier said than done and very difficult to convince yourself to follow but this is a fact.

The only thing I realized in last few days is, life is a lie and death is the only certain truth you should have fear about. I know many of you would not believe and might strongly disagree. But I have seen it with my open eyes and felt it closely by my heart. Nobody wants your body to stay after your death. People will bury it, will take part in funeral and might obsolete in some time or years. Even your close ones can't abide and resist to have a cadaver near them. This is for probably two reasons. First, your soul is to get freedom and move to a new life. Second, perhaps body will decompose and nobody can bear that smell of dead body around. This is nature and something you have no control on. Even if you want you can't keep your loved ones near you after they are gone to heaven. I am not denying the fact that if your body runs smoothly, life will be easier to live it.

Speaking of which, don't give love too much to this mere body but love your life more fearlessly including fear of death. 

No matter how hard is the life with you , be always good with your own life and find reasons to rejoice!


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