Aug 7, 2017

Leaves of the four seasons

Context: To relate life with leaves of the four seasons

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One hot sunny day 
so bright, 
so shiny,
And summer green leaves are all I can see
I walked towards the beach
to feel the sky and the cool wavy breeze
to smell the sand and to have a deep chit-chat with the sea
Oh, summer leaves!
I wish I if could see this world
always like you, like the vines of green

Now, When the summer is gone 
All I could see,
The amber sun, and the falling leaves
The pitter-patter of splashes
and petrichor of the rain
This is autumn. 
Red, yellow, orange, golden and brown
Oh, fallen leaves!
We shall learn like you, the art of letting go
with the colors of the world around

The time has come
when I don't see leaves
Some trees are still green 
Some are devoid and full of grim
Scattered dead pieces of leaves on the ground
Cold, icy snow is all that is around
Cloudy sky and rarely is the sun
Oh, icy leaves!
just like you might feel 
We all have sense of shiver on our skin

And when they say
The grass is green, flowers are blooming
a little splash of rain 
and birds are back to sing
This is to call the new spring. 
Oh, greeny leaves!
I wish if I could hold this time
but this is life, pleasant but sometimes
tinged with sadness
and with ups and down
To another season, it moves on!!!


~♥ You and your words are precious for me ♥~


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