Oct 30, 2017

Create magic through words

(c) Jasmeet Kukreja

I have not done anything special yet but I do write which is more than precious for me. 

It gives me reason of my existence. 
It gives me my own space to live in. 
It gives me hidden wings to unfold and fly wherever I want to. 

Sometimes I find the wind carries me in its own pace. 
The sea blows me out with its waves. 
I can feel the heat in the dark and can embrace thunder under the sun. 

It all depends what I want to feel and sometimes I see things around what I really perceive. 

We have this beauty of light, an untouched captivating, the air we inhale, the air we disperse back into the atmosphere, the graciousness we encounter, the love we give or receive, our good intentions. 

We also have some charm of the darkness, shadow of our dark reflection that looms over our thoughts, nudges us down alleyway to loss and the fire of sufferings waiting to be fanned by our fear. 

What is this all about, is something I felt and penned down in the notes of my mobile. 
One of those things I know that my demons will coerce me to create my own fairy tale one day! -

Jasmeet 💕

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