May 15, 2019

I am Sorry!!

The most overly rated and abruptly unnecessarily spoken word!! I really do not know if these days people truly mean it when they say it. I think anyone who is more habitual of saying sorry have kinda daily routine to keep this word refrigerated in their cool heart and they just say it but do not really mean it. They just take out that preserved word and use it whenever hungrily needed. 
No truly, I genuinely think so. 
These three words really freak me out.
Say it and that’s all! 
Why do people feel sorry? 
For the things they have already said or done
For the things that can not be undone 
For the things they think they would not repeat to say hey, it is now finally done!! Sometimes I feel I should learn this habit of letting go but after all my trials and denials I have failed 
I have failed to let go anything that has been said or done in full senses. 
I have some kind of recorder installed in my nerves that has unlimited memory to record things and never erase anything. 
This just go too old to rewind and find. 
I am really done with this freaking word “SORRY”.
If you really wanna use it guys, just be honest with yourself atleast. You can lie to the whole world, you can fool me but you can not fool yourself. You can not damn lie to yourself.
Just don’t let this word “sorry” feel “sorry” for you when you say this next time!!
~Jasmeet 💕

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