Jun 8, 2019

There are all lies around!!

There are all lies around!!
This internet that slowly has become in charge of our lives, 
this social media is flowing like blood cells in our veins,
Every that place I go, 
I only see people with their phones,
I just find lies in their eyes as they are keeping secrets in their smile!
I find all lies in their shared joy like they are hiding wounds from a very long while!
you know what, in such all shared lies
many are finding peace!
May be many more are releasing their long holding grief!
We look differently, our color may differ
Feelings are all same!
We are emotional fools and insane!
If in that moment somewhere, someone is smiling then keep sharing those lies guys!
I am also happy being one of them!
I am enjoying in the world of all lies !
I will continue sharing those lies that make people happy!
I am not paranoid in sharing my extreme joy even if I know sometimes that is also a lie!!! 

-Jasmeet 💕

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