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Hello Everyone, 

I am a telecomm Engineer by profession and currently a full time home maker who has been trying to fit in the fast raging blogging world. This blog was started in 2011 and after taking so many intermittent breaks I am continuing to be active in posting personal blogs. I am currently residing in Evergreen State (Washington), U.S.A and life has been gearing different angles since I moved out here from India in June, 2016. 

I had never given a thought in settling outside of my nation (India) but see, life is all about coming out from your comfort zone and try something you never did before. I am loving it by being here and enjoying the cultural versatility. 

What else about me? I also have obsession for photography and in traveling different places. I have explored more than 10 countries so far and never shared my travel experiences in detail. Perhaps, someday! 

Countries I have traveled so far- 
South Africa
United Kingdom 
North America

Being a crazy dog lover I always wanted to have one and now I proudly say that I am a mother of one year old Labrador Retriever named "Sophie". My husband hated dogs before and now he kissed her everyone morning before even he thinks about me. 
Funny, I know. This is what dog love is.  

I have recently started a new blog "MyReviewPad" where I post product reviews,  offers/samples available (especially in USA) and articles about health & fitness. 

I believe in "be lively" terminology . Life is one n only one every single second of life even without any mission or vision:) L.I.F.E. : "Live it with full exuberance"

Thankyou so much for stopping by. Please share your thoughts and blog links in the comment section, I would love to connect with you all. 

My Life`s Tantra : "Be Lively" Passion : Writing and photography Community :


  1. thank god u r an engineer working in ericsson...warna itna talented ladkiyan is zamane mein bohot kaam hi dikhte hai aur woh bhi in delhi...

  2. L.I.F.E. : "Live it with full exuberance" Beautiful expansion of a single word :).

  3. Definitely, what you are today is by choice and not by destiny . . .

    1. Agreed ! I am thankful to god that my destiny is with me to hold my choice till date...

  4. hey jasmeet. nice blog. it was good meeting you.
    just dropped in to say hi. will come back to explore again.
    love. ana.

    1. It was pleasure meeting to u too Ana...sadly we have not met since long. Hope to meet u soon :)

  5. Hi fellow engineer! Nice to have come across your site. :) Wonderful blog, keep up :)

  6. Hi Jasmeet :) When Rohit Sharma introduces his friend as a budding does have to pay a visit to her website :) Hi, I'm Savio from Goa, a small time blogger myself :) love with the written AND the spoken word. Always supporting budding talent :) Will look through your work. I'm not very good with poems, never was :p but something exceptional always catches my eyes :)
    Have a wonderful say ahead, considering its 12.52 a.m and I'm not really getting any sleep :p


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